Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hoppy Easter!


I know Easter is tomorrow, but I am doing my post today!

Today me and my kids and my sister in law and my nephew all went to SVSU (Saginaw Valley State University) for the Easter egg helicopter drop that a local church had there! They had bounce houses, a guy making balloon animals, free drinks, and they sectioned off 3 different areas, filled them with plastic eggs, and then had a helicopter fly above them and drop more, it was pretty awesome. Well it was awesome besides the fact that the helicopter blew everything around and made it super cold and was very loud. I don't think I would have taken Elijah (my 1 year old) if I would have been there before to see what it was like. He cried the entire time the helicopter was above dropping eggs because it was so loud and cold. Zeke loved it, but was scared and hid behind me and watched. lol Then when we were done with that my sister in law said that if we hurried we could make it to the court house's egg hunt. So we went to that also, and we got to see the Easter bunny and the Easter statues that they have every year. Finished off with McDonalds and playin in the playplace for lunch. We had a great day!

I had fun doing this mani even though it turned out a lil sloppy. I got to use some new polishes, and try some things out with my nail art duos. I barely use them, and I wanna start using them more. However, when I did this mani, I broke the white and need to get a new one.

Started out by doing 2 coats of each Wet N Wild Megalast, also the Sinful Colors. Then I did 1 coat of the Color Club holo on my accent nail for the sky. I used the Art Club white pen part of it to paint the dots and zig zags. Then I used the Color Club yellow for the chick. Just did a round tipped triangle shape and finished it off with a beak with the LA Colors and eyes with the Art Club black. I had lots of fun doing this mani because like I said, I rarely do nail art and I have been really wanting to!


Colors/brands used:

Also, thought I would share some pics from our adventures today! Hope everyone has a fantastic Easter and that you all enjoy your time with your families! My hubby had to work, but I get to be with other family and of course my favorite lil men!

You can kinda see the eggs dropping!

Zeke was hiding behind me, but still loved the Helicopter! This is his "WOW, AWESOME!" face. lol

My nephew Michael John, my son Elijah, and my son Ezekial at the courthouse after collecting eggs.


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