Friday, November 16, 2012

Red and Gold

Ok, so tonight I only had one of my two children home and decided that I would try to do a post while the Elijah was still awake. He's going to be 1 on December 1st. I thought since he was fed, changed, and keeping himself entertained with his toys and Yo Gabba Gabba that I would be able to do it. Boy was I wrong. lol The second I got everything all out and was starting to paint I think he realized and was like "Oooh, I'm going to go bug mama." This is how it started out.

He kept pulling himself up on my lil table and was grabbing all the colors I had out!

Finally I got him down and occupied with something else, when suddenly mama turned away and gave him the prime opportunity to strike again. 

He was trying to be stealthy about it. Lil stinker!

Anyways, I couldn't decide really what I wanted to do, so I had all kinds of stuff out trying to decide. I think I took off nail polish about 4 times before I decided. I was having all kinds of issues tonight while painting. After Elijah went to bed I was trying out one of my magnetic polishes and I ended up pressing the magnet into it, and it didn't turn out how I wanted, so I was gonna take it off. Before I could, I bumped my table and the bottle went flying and it spilled on everything. I got it all over my hand, my camera bag, my nail polish box, my carpet. lol 

After those couple mishaps, I tried to actually do something to my nails. I started out with a base coat, and then used Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails "Unbreakable Heart" #470. I forgot to take pics of my nails just like that. Then I decided to do like a half slant thing with this really pretty Thanksgiving gold as I like to call it. Its Sinful Colors: "All about you" #921. Its gold with a slight hint of red in it and its really beautiful! Then for the accent nail I wanted to do full on gold sparkle, so I used Milani: Jewel FX "Gold" #531. Here is the result on my left hand. 

I painted that hand and wasn't sure if I liked it or not, so I decided to change it up a little bit on my right hand. I was going to do the "All About You" where the "Unbreakable Heart" is and then obviously the "Unbreakable Heart" where the "All About You" is, but as I started to paint my nails Elijah woke up. So with wet nails I got him up and changed him and made him a bottle, in the process screwing up my nails.

It was all over the place, I had it down the sides of my fingers and everything. So I decided that I was just going to scratch the whole idea and try something else. So instead I went with Essie: "Scarlet O'Hara" for all my nails (yea I know Essie isn't cruelty free, but its one of those colors I had and LOVE. It's one of my favorite reds EVER!) I stuck with the Milani: Jewel FX "Gold" #531 for the accent nail. Finished off my nails with a top coat and called it good. 

Don't mind the nail polish stuff in my hand... haha looks like poo.

All of the problems I was having tonight I was wondering if I should have even painted them. lol I really did want to do a Thanksgiving theme, but I kinda gave up. Can I just say though, I am glad I did what I did because I am really LOVING this accent nail. That gold just shines like no other and is fantastic! It really did make me sad to take off the awesome nail art that I had on my nails before this, but its really fun having long nails to paint!

Hope that you guys enjoyed my post and I might be trying to get in one more post before Thanksgiving, but in case I don't get a chance, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and want to tell everyone to be safe on Black Friday and to try to keep lots of your shopping with local businesses if you can!

xoxo Leah

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