Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi there!

So, I was contemplating starting Christmas manicures but I don’t know if I am ready for that just yet. Christmas is slowly growing on me, and I feel like I shouldn’t throw myself at it just yet before Christmas. Its kiiiinda Christmassy but not like bam Christmas!  Just red nail polish with a tip of clear glitter, Yay I love glitter! 

 I used  Zoya- Gia for the red. Zoya is a relatively new brand to me. I heard about them when I started following nail blogs. I learned that they are vegan and 3 free and definitely cruelty free. I had never used a polish like this and I wasn't sure how it would be. I really LOVE it. Its such a nice formula and it goes on really nice and smooth. Even with my gloves at work it lasts just as long as any other brand I've used.  Their website is really neat and when you purchase a polish you can get points and trade them in. They have tons of super awesome colors. You should really join their website! They are so good to their members and it's free!

For the glitter tip I used LA Colors. It doesn't have a name. but I got it in a glitter pack of LA Color glitters.

 And here's the finished nails! Really simple but really pretty I think. I hope you like! Thanks for reading!

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