Thursday, August 22, 2013

We can't stop..

And we won't stop..

Hi there!

So.. I am a pretty big fan of Miley Cyrus! Back in the day I used to watch Hannah Montana with my friends kids and I always thought it was a cute show! One I'd let my children watch if I had any. I like her music too. I never owned any of her cd's but I have been a fan of most of her radio hits.. I am kind of looking forward to her next cd. I will probly be buying that one!

Lately she has been getting a lot of stuff for growing up and being a little 'edgy'. I think she is a total Rock Star!!! I love her new single so hard!! It is my drive tune.

I kind of love the video she has for her new single We can't stop. It's super funky and I'd say it's kind of iffy for under 14 years old. But in the video she just seems to be having so much fun, and honestly I think it would be safe to say - she would be so fun to hang out with!!

In the video I just love her nails so hard. I wanted to a mani inspired by her nails in the video!

I use Nicole by Opi Selena Gomez - Kissed at midnight for the base. This is with three pretty thick coats. 

 I used Art Club black for the little bursts. I used Out the Door Northern Lights as a quick top coat and a fun holo touch! I wanted something fun but classy also. When I showed the ladies at work they really liked this!

 If you haven't seen Miley's new video check it out below! ( Also vote for her for the VMA's cuz it would be cool if she won! )

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!



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