Monday, August 5, 2013

Birthday & Anniversary nails!!

Hi there!!

July is a pretty big deal for me! :D. My Birthday is the 6th and my Anniversary is on the 16th. This year my Husband and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary. I did my nails for both :D. I really was not a huge fan of my birthday nails at all, but my nails I did for my anniversary. I really really loved them. I was so impressed and just very happy with my nails! They came out like exactly as I was thinking in my head!

Here are my Birthday nails! I used Wet n Wild Megalast - Sunspot for the base, and ORLY - right amount of evil for my glittery accent nail and on my thumb. I used Zoya pixie dust - in liberty, stevie and solange for the balloons on my ring finger and Zoya liberty for the balloon on my pinkie. LA Colors - Energy Source for the strings. I was not really pleased with how these turned out but I figured I would show them still!! 

Here are my Anniversary nails!! I really was a big fan of them! I kept showing them off and looking at them! I used butter LONDON Silly Billy as the base. Hubby got it for me for our anniversary, along with some really nice orange sunglasses!! For the glittery orange I used the orange Leah got me for my Birthday. It is Sally Hansen Hot Lava, which she posted a blog post about too! I really loved this color!!! I just used the brush on the bottle and kind of drew diagonal line and painted up. And I put the Silver Art pen that Leah got me on top! I put a nice sticker on my pointer finger, just to accent everything.

I thought for sure that since it came out like exactly how I was thinking, that I was gonna have some luck at the casino, but I think I used all my luck on my nails lolol.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!



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