Monday, August 19, 2013

The Baby Blues

Hi there!

I'm sorry for my disappearance last week. Life got super busy and things were just a little hectic! I had like 0 time it seemed. I have no kids but school is starting soon for me too and as crazy as it’s been getting ready for that- I can't even imagine how parents can do it! High - five to you. You deserve a glass bottle of wine. lolol. Oy.

Today I have a super pretty, blue holographic to show you! It is from the brand Above the Curve. This is the only color I have from them right now but, I recently won a giveaway that was sponsored by them! So I am pretty excited because I loved this color pretty hard. I am generally not a huge fan of the color baby blue but for some reason this one really caught my eye and the holographic is pretty amazing. Very colorful!

 $1 of every bottle of nail polish they sell goes to Shriners Children's Hospital. If you would like more information on their mission check out their facebook page!! You can check out their shop here! They have lots of fun colors! They are currently $6-7 on sale right now, so it is a perfect time to try them!!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


If I still have your attention- I would like your opinion!! Generally I do an orange tag on my pictures because orange is my favorite color but I recently thought maybe it is distracting. Do you like orange, grey or black. Please let me know below!! Thank you! <3

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