Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Metallic mania

Oh my gosh, I just love metallics so much and recently have been introduced to the KleanColor metallics! Omg I love them so much!! Some of my favorite polishes. I did that post not too long ago using two of the three that I got from my swap group I am in. Last week, I won a contest from Chansi's Mani Madness and the prize was this!

I was so excited when I found out I won!!!!

It was so funny, I had used KleanColor polishes before, and while talking to Chansi, she asked if they were stinky like everyone says... I told her no, that I don't remember them being stinky. Then I did this mani... lol Before I had only used 1 color at a time, or used multiple, but not a whole lot of polish, just dots or something, so I never noticed. When I did this mani I got light headed and almost quit cuz the smell was so bad. lol I guess using 3 of them at once, you really will notice the smell. haha I mean if I would have had a fan blowing or something it probably wouldn't have been so bad, but WHEW. Once I put a top coat over it and washed my hands, it wasn't that bad.

This mani is so fun and easy to do. Just paint a single color as your base. I used Metallic Yellow. I didn't realize how bad of a job I did with 1 coat, but when the flash went off, you could really see all the spots I missed. You can't really tell in this pic though.

Then take your second color after the base dries a little and dab the end of your brush in multiple places on your nail. I used Metallic Jungle, and I made a mess. lol

Once that dries a little, do the same with a third color. Keep doing this for however many colors you want to use. I think 3 is perfect. You might have to come back with a few extra dabs of the second color over the top, depending on how well you do it. Last color I used was Metallic Pink.

Hope you guys enjoyed my post! I have a fun post planned for next week! Have a great week! xoLeah

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