Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hot Orange/pink & Chunky Holo Candy

Hi there :)

A few weeks ago hubby and I had to go out to the mall... I really hate going to the mall but I figured if I had to be there I was going to check out the nail polish! So it was kind of a win for me lolol

I've posted before about the brand BLACKHEART from Hot Topic. I am a huge fan! I love the stackers and I love most of the regular colors and I absolutely LOVE the bottle shape and that they are cruelty free!

I bought this color on clearance. It doesn't have a name and I thought it was like a hot pink but when you put it on its like a mix between orange and pink, and when its in certain light its like HOT, BRIGHT orange. It is really awesome.

                                                                How Funky!!

I topped it off with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Candy. I really really really really love Kleancolor. There are no stores around me that sell it that I've seen. My Hubby actually bought me the chunky holo set off ebay for like 16$ free shipping! There are tons of colors to choose from. I've been having a lot of fun with them. :D

It's really subtle. I was expecting a teeny bit more bling but I was pretty happy with this still!

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy!



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