Friday, April 26, 2013

Metallic fuschia & Quartz of Course

Hi there :)

I wanted to post this last night but I pretty much came home from work and passed out.

I recently heard that Wet n Wild had a new collection and I HAD. TO. HAVE. IT! I read that it was found at rite aid bu we don't have any rite aids within like 100 miles of me. I checked a few CVS's and Walgreen in hope to find it but no luck :(. I did some reaching out in some of the polish groups I am in and asked if anyone would be able to find it for me. A girl got in touch with me and she found it for me and sent it to me!  Omg!!!! Seriously. That was one of the best polish weekends I have ever had!

I got the Wet n Wild Hot Rocks collection, and the JulieG Gumdrops collection and Hubby surprised me with the Kleancolor Metallic collection! I am seriously one lucky girl!!!

On with the polish!!

The Kleancolor metallics & the hot rocks almost match up perfectly. I couldn't decide which I wanted to do first!

After a lot of thinking and looking and comparing, I decided to go with Metallic Fuschia first.

I really loved this purple. I am a big fan of purple nail polish. I just love the way it looks in the bottle and on my nails.

 I decided to do Quartz of Course on top. I was thinking of doing the blue one but I stuck with purple/purple. This has purple and silver glitter, the purple looks like it is a foil glitter.

I am a big fan of both of these collections and can't wait to pair the rest of them together.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


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