Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Moms nails!

A few weeks ago my mom came over to hang out with me and my kids cuz she hadn't seen us in awhile. While she was here I was like "Mom! Let me paint your nails!!" They were so long and mine have been stubby for awhile. She had acrylics put on awhile ago, but they eventually, after lots of fills, became her own nails under the acrylic.

We sat down and she picked out some colors that she liked and started to paint her nails with the base color we wanted to use. I was like mom, I am supposed to be the one painting your nails... lol But I ended up just letting her finish that part. We used Wet n Wild Megalast in Candy-Licious.

After we did that, she really wanted to use Color Club's Wing Fling from the Take Wing collection. I don't blame her, its my favorite from the collection! Side note... If you have a Meijer department store near you, they have the Take Wing collection, also the Halo Hues collection on sale right now!!! Scoop them up!!

On her accent nail, we did the slant with Color Club Harp On It. Also for the lil dots! The white on the nails is Diamond Cosmetics White Nail Art. I used a dotting tool to apply it though because I had just gotten them and wanted to try them! haha

I wish she still had her nails on though, they were so fun to play with. I bought some fake nails to play around with, but I need to find a way to display them when I do some funky stuff on them. They were only a dollar for a pack of like 20 at Dollar General! So I was like why not!

I am really trying to get my nails long right now. I was just introduced to some stuff called Duri Rejuvacote. I have seen before and after pics from the people who recommended it and I am so excited for it!! I have some and been using it, but my nails were already getting really long, but since the stuff didnt really have time to work on them that much they did start to break and one hand is way shorter than the other, so I think I am going to file them down and start over and see how it goes. Here is a pic of what my nails on my left hand look like. I need to get rid of the stains, but otherwise they are looking awesome. They're just SOOOO thin and they chip off easily. So I am really hoping this stuff works wonders for me!! My fingers look terrible, don't mind them. lol

Left hand

Right hand

Hope you guys enjoyed my post! Have a great week! xoLeah


  1. Wow your mom's nails are amazing, they look great with how you painted them to.....that's how I grew mine, I was a biter, I started to wear this game glue on nails, and they grew so it's but more on till they got to a decent length, the glue messed them up a bit and me them week so I worked on getting them strong, I'll never go back to biting or fakes now.

    1. Forgot to add....good luck with the duri.

    2. Thank you!! :D And wow thats pretty cool that you got your nails so gorgeous that way!

  2. Your mom's nails are awesome! My mother in law has long strong nails. I do her nails when she visits.

    1. Awesome! I would love to see any pics you have Rebecca of her nails. You can post them on our facebook page! :D


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