Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Nail Challenge

I know Easter is done and over with, but I wanted to share with you guys the nails that I did for the Easter Nail Challenge that Galactic Lacquer had for Easter!!

It was really fun and exciting for me to do because I had never done a nail art challenge before!

The first day was grass/flowers. I tried to use mostly sparkly polishes because I thought that would be fun, but I had a hard time taking pics because the grass and sky was blending together. I think they turned out cute though! I did multiple pics for this one when I shared it because of the problems taking pics.

Second day was bunnies!! This was my favorite mani for the whole challenge! I didn't want to take my bunines off, but then started to peel off the next day. :(

Third day was Easter eggs, and since I had already done Easter eggs for my Easter mani, I decided to just use that picture for it! :D

The fourth day was chicks. I didn't know what to do for this one, so I looked up some pics on google for inspiration! lol I thought they turned out ok, but I probably could have done better! Still cute though I think!

The fifth and final day was pastels. This was most difficult for me because I didn't really have a lot of pastels to go with and I was trying not to use colors from my Easter mani, but I ended up using a few of them. Then when I was taking pics they were turning out looking darker than they looked in person. It was frustrating!

Did anyone else do this challenge? What was your favorite one to do if you did do it? 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and sorry I didn't post this yesterday like I normally do, but I had a reverse surprise party for my husband! lol I will explain what I mean by that on my birthday post tuesday!! Have a great week!! xoxoLeah

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