Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!

Ok, so my birthday isn't actually until the 11th, but since I am doing my posts on Tuesdays and Saturdays, I figured I would just do my birthday mani post today!

Last Saturday (the 7th) my hubby thought he was planning a surprise birthday party for me. Well he told me awhile ago that I could get on his facebook anytime I needed to and send myself game requests. So I got on his facebook a few days after he made a fake event page for my birthday making me think we were having a birthday party on the 12th, and I noticed when I typed in my name in the search that there was "Leah's Birthday Party" and "Leah's Party." I was so confused. Since he had different pics for both, I realized one of them I hadn't seen before and not even thinking it would be a surprise party, I clicked on it. I felt like an a-hole instantly. I was like well dang, I can't just pretend to be surprised, so I gotta make this into something awesome. My husbands birthday is April 30th and I thought, well why don't I turn it around on him!

I went along with all of his plans, didn't question things that normally I would question and so forth. He had two of my friends helping him with the plans, so when one of them took me out to eat I let her in on my plans. I explained that I knew about the party and she said she had a feeling I was going to find out. My husband is terrible at keeping secrets btw. lol So I told her that we needed to make this real good! I told her, "make sure that you let him give you control of the cake plans." He did of course and so she ordered a cake and had them write "Happy Birthday Tyler, gotcha!" on a cookie cake.

He had told Ariel to make sure that everyone was in my kids bedroom and that he was going to find a way to get me in there to be surprised. So I told her, make sure they're all in the kitchen and I will get him to go in there!

When we got home from the movies, he walked over by the bedroom to see if he could see if there were in there yet, but he couldn't tell cuz the door was shut. So I walked into the kitchen while he was doing that and was like ok evereyone, get ready, he's coming! lol Then as I walked out, he went in. He noticed them but acted like he didn't and as he went to walk away they flipped the light on and were like "SURPRISE!" He turned around and looked at me like "Oh crap, they surprised the wrong person!" I just laughed and they started to sing happy birthday to him! So I said "go read the cake!" lol He was like "DAMMIT!!" I was like "Yea, I knew a few days after you posted the event pages on facebook. He laughed and was like "Damn, I really thought that I had you so good!" Haha and I could tell that he thought he really had me good. It was real hard for me to not laugh so many times when he said stuff about that day and my 'other party.' lol

I had gotten him real good last year too, and he was completely surprised! So thats the reason he tried to get me this year, but it didn't work! lol

So anyways, here is the mani I did for my birthday party! I tried this technique that I seen somewhere else, but I didn't do it as good. From a distance they look much better! haha but I still really loved them cuz I love lots of colors!!

First I will show you how I did them!


The pinky didn't turn out as well as the rest, but I had forgotten to take progress pics until I got to that nail! lol

Basically though, you just start with a base coat, then dab different colors across your nails in different strokes and do different amounts of polish for different colors!

Finished off my accent nail with some gems and a special custom glitter that Sparkle-Factor-Lacquer when I ordered one of her other polishes from her! She sent it to me as a birthday gift and its so special that she only made enough for this bottle and doesn't have the way she made it written down! It made me feel so special!

This is sloppy, lol but I didn't want to redo them.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! xoLeah


  1. LMAO! Too funny :) I'm a year & a half older than my hubs, so on my birthday he had to remind me I'm way closer to 40 than he is. Jackass. So when he put in his request for his bday cake I made it, watched him eat a piece, then I asked if it was better than usual? He was confused & wanted to know why- I told him I farted on his birthday cake. HA!


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