Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring is here!

Ok, so the day of my surprise birthday party, my hubby took me to the mall after our movie to kill time so that people could set up stuff. When we were there, I told my husband that I wanted to go to Claire's to check out what kinds of polish they had because I had heard that they were cruelty free. I got in there and they were having a sale!! They had buy one get one half off, plus they had clearance stuff! So I ended up getting my first glow in the dark polish, a really cool neon orange that dries in like seconds and is awesome, and then I got this pack of cute pastel spring colors!

On the actual day of my birthday, I was like omg, my nails are naked! I gotta at least have something on them for my birthday!! So I decided to try out some of my new stuff. I also had some nail stickers that I wanted to try out!

The polish I think is kinda cheap, but once you put a good top coat on it looks really nice. I loved the colors and thought they went together very nicely. This polish is good for about one night of wear before it starts to peel. Then again, I am an ocd hand washer, so that might have something to do with it, especially since I don't really use a nail oil. I really need to try some.

In these pics, they look a lot brighter than they are. They were very light and springy. So I took some pics with the flash and some without.

After I decided they looked too plain and I tried to do some stamping on them, but it wasn't showing up very well with the color I wanted to use on them, so I decided to just try some stickers I have been wanting to try. I used these Kiss brand stickers.

I forgot to take an actual pic of the ones I have, so I just found this one on Kiss' website. I used the first sheet with the bright colors. These stickers were nice, but there was something about them I didn't like. I think it might be because it was the first time I used some like this. The other ones I've used before are almost 3D and you couldn't see thru them. They made my manicure look kinda cheap too. I think the design would be cuter on longer nails, or on a little girl personally. They were fun though, just not right for the mani I did!

Without Flash

With Flash

I loved the colors by themselves!!

This is what the package looked like. I don't think they had names on them.

Hope you guys enjoyed my post, sorry it was kinda a downer. I just want to be real with you guys about polishes and products! :D Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately too. I have just been dealing with some personal things lately, feeling a lil down, and then having a bunch of problems trying to get on Blogger, plus getting my pics that I needed off my old computer. My husband is a nerd and likes things to be done a certain way when it comes to his electronics, so I had to wait for him to help me do some stuff. Hopefully I can stay on track now! Have a great week everyone! 


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