Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hot Pink

Hi there :)

I hope everyone is having fun entering the giveaway! I am so excited! We have 288 likes on our facebook!!!! You guys are so cool!!!!

So today I wanted to show you a really neat polish I found at Hot Topic!! The brand is called Black Heart, they are cruelty free and I believe they are also vegan formula..  I have a few polishes from Hot Topic from before they changed their bottles.. They had clearanced all the ones out a loooooong time ago and when I asked why the lady told me they wouldn't be selling them anymore... I never really gave it another thought.. When I walked in and saw these... I HAD TO HAVE THEM ALL!!! ( I only bought 2 ).. The bottles.. They are wicked cool... Want to know what they look like? They are skulls! How. friggin. wicked! LOOK!

Ok. See how that is 3 different colors there..  I was like oh hey how does this work. And I started to shake it... Then I noticed this...

So I was confused... I was like wait how is this supposed to work? I don't understand...  Then I tried it on.. THAT is how it's supposed to work. Wow what a beautiful color!!  Not one nail looked exactly the same color and I think that is neat. It turned out to be a light pink/silver. Very pretty. 

I decided to try a glitter polish that I had made to put on top. Its pink, purple and a tiny bit of blue holo glitter with some black hex glitter.. I kind of really love how they look together!

My camera could not get a great picture of the polish on my nails... I really hate this camera! The Blackheart polishes can be found at Hot Topic and they are 5$, which I didn't think was too bad since I'm pretty sure they used to be like 6.99$ AND they are SO COOL!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy!



  1. I have a couple of these polishes and love them!! The bottles are kick ass!!!

  2. I was there not that long ago & did the same thing, shook it lol. I had no clue how it worked either, so thank you for this! I love the bottles!

  3. i just bought one of these the other day! i swatched it and i was like.. COOL! :)

    1. They are REALLY cool! I am totally impressed !


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