Monday, January 7, 2013

cuz two can keep a secret if one of them is dead...

Hi there. :)

Tonite ( Tuesday ) is the new episode of Pretty Little Liars. Holy Cow I am so excited! I am so bummed I have to work!!! I originally had tomorrow off but my boss asked me to work - I like money so I said yes- BUT I FORGOT ITS PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!! Oh well.. Maybe Wednesday when I cut Amanda's hair we will watch it ;)

Do you watch PLL? Who is your favorite Character ? ( Is that spelled right? It doesn't have a little squiggly line under it but it looks really weird lolol.. )

Tonight I did a Pretty Little Liars manicure in honor :D. I used Wet n Wild- Fergie Collection- Fergalicious. I really love this color. It's really super bright and it dries almost a matte.

 (This camera I have makes the mess around my nails look way worse than it is. I try to clean it up but my camera catches errthing! My middle finger looks kinda gross :/ I got it stuck in the slicer at work >:0. )

I used Wet n Wild- Fergie Collection- Heels of Steel for the ' -A ' on my middle finger.

 The Walgreens by my house has the Fergie Collection out with some coupons for 1$ off a Fergie collection polish. If you are wanting to try this polish out and want to save $1 you should check your Walgreens. I took like 3 cuz there were a few more colors I wanted but I could always share if they are good everywhere... That I don't know.

On the other nails I just did a tip of glitter. I used Spoiled by Wet n Wild - Shuffle the Deck & China Glaze whirled away. I was not over the top pleased with either of these honestly. I had a really hard time getting the glitter on the brush and an excessive amount of clear making it really hard and very spotty.

I hope you like my nails :D If you watch Pretty Little Liars - enjoy it tomorrow! If you don't and want to, its on Netflix instant stream.

Don't forget about the giveaway!


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