Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hi there :)

Happy Weekend! I hope everyone is having a great one :). I really wanted to crochet today... Like all day but we ended up running errands and I had to do dishes and clean up some. The house has really taken the back seat lately with me being sick and working and I couldn't seem to get any better :0

I wanted to show you a pretty that I got from a swap. I know I mentioned the swap groups before and some may be weary but so far I have had nothing but wonderful swaps with wonderful people and I've made some new friends too!

Meet Sasha! She is a really pretty pink/salmon color. I was really surprised with how nice it looked on me and to me, the color made my nails look longer than they are :)

This is a short post but I just had to share with you this pretty color! I hope you like it! Thanks for reading!



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