Sunday, February 10, 2013

Karina Crackle

The past week has been crazy busy for me. As some of you know already, my grandma passed away. This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. My grandma was my rock and meant so much to me. I  will be doing a post next about my grandma and doing my nails with some of her polishes. She is the one who got me started with my nail polish addiction. She always had her nails painted and her lipstick on, even when she was in the hospital!

Did these nails before my grammy passed, but then I was dealing with all that so I didn't get time to post them till now. They were really fun to do. I had tried some crackle type polish before and it never turned out good. Decided to try some Sally Hansen Crackle: Ink Splatter and it was a good choice! Before when I had tried it, it would go on so thick that it wouldn't crack right and looked real bad. I wanted it to be an anti Valentines day type of manicure, so I used my new Zoya: Karina. This color was AMAZING!! I love red polish and this was probably one of my favorites!!

(This is the Crackle without the top coat)

Doing a crackle manicure is a really fun, easy manicure to do that looks like you spent time on your nails, but really takes no time at all. I would say its a good one for moms to have fancy nails on the go! It stayed on pretty long, even when I did dishes shortly after painting my nails. I used the China Glaze No Chip top coat and that helped too. I have noticed with that top coat before it didn't help so much, but it seems to work better with certain polishes. This being one of them. I have another Crackle thats a green glitter and I can't wait to try that to see how well that one works.

Thanks for reading, sorry it was sorta short, I can't really brain lately! lol



  1. sorry for your loss. my grandma passed in December.. very hard to deal with :(

    1. So sorry I didn't see this earlier Melanie. Thank you and I am so sorry to hear about your grandma as well. Yes, it is very hard to deal with, especially when you are so close. I was very close to my grandma, probably closer to her than my own mother.


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