Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Conversation Heart Collection

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I hope everyone had a super wonderful and fun Valentines Day! I have always loved Valentines Day, even when I didn't have a Valentine. I just love hearts, and true love is something pretty spectacular and special! I also love going out on Valentines Day! Who doesn't love heart shaped food?!! What were your V-Day plans? Did you do your nails? We would love love love love love to see them!! You can share them here on this post in the comments if you'd like, or you can share them on our Facebook page!

Today I want to share with you the Conversation Heart collection from My-Stash Lacquer. When I saw her post these- I was in love. I just love pastels and light colors so much.... and glitter.. These were right up my ally! These are soooooo cute! I just LOVE them so much! They are super spring-ey and fun pastel so you could even wear them after Valentines Day! They dry a semi matte with fun glitter!! There are four gorgeous colors in the collection! I am going to post them in one post because I don't see them available in her store anymore :///!

When I got them it came with super cute pink mustache tissue paper and a little note that said that the glitters settle because of the matte base, a good shake mixes em' right up! I rolled each of them for less than a minute since I had just gotten them and the glitter seemed to disperse fairly. I was just so excited to try them out ! 

UR A QT, Kiss Me, Luv Ya, Be Mine

The first color I want to show is UR A QT. I could not believe how much I loved this one. Its got an awesome amount of shimmer glitter but with the matte base its not too much. It is such a perfect yellow.

Here it is with two coats no top coat.

 Isn't it perfect? I can't get over it. I love yellow nail polish but I was so surprised It went on so perfect and it looked really so nice on me! I don't have a top coat on in the second picture, my flash made it look that way :/.

 The second color is Kiss Me its a super gorgeous pastel Orange! Orange is my favorite color in life so I couldn't wait to try this one. I love this color so much and the glitter just makes it look even more fantastic!

Here it is with two coats no top coat.

Again, I am just so amazed with how nice this color applies and how nice it looks on me! As much as I love yellow and orange polishes, sometimes they just don't love me! So these are such a treat !

Next is Be Mine. I just love this soft pink so much! This is a GREAT spring/ Easter color too. It kind of looks like a speckled egg! The pink glitters add just the right touch to this beautiful color. They are subtle and not in your face.

Here it is with two coats no top coat.

This is definitely in my top 10 list of pinks I love!

The last color that I have to show you is Luv Ya! It is a super pretty pastel purple with tiny holographic glitters. Purple polish is my favorite so I really could not wait to try this color and show you! I love love love love love love love it!! I don't have a ton of pastel or even light purples so I am really happy to have this in my collection. Its so pretty.

Here it is with two coats no top coat.

I seriously loved this collection so hard. It is so pretty and fun and happy! I can't wait for spring to get here even more with these polishes! They were so nice to apply and super easy to remove, even with the glitters!

I used these for my Valentines Day mani. I had to use flash for the red writing to show up so the colors are a little darker!

Have you tried any My-Stash Lacquers? I am a huge fan! Check her out and give her a 'like' on Facebook and take a look at her Etsy page. Her polishes are super affordable - full sizes rage from $6-6.50 and she has a mini special 3 for $8 or $3 each!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy and had a wonderful Valentines Day!


* These were sent to me to review for my honest opinion 

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