Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Independence Day!!

Sunday night I didn't want my kids, they were at my parents for the night. I decided I wanted to do something fun for the 4th. Lots of the stuff I wanted to try wasn't really working out that well, so I just kinda gave up and went with the flow. lol

For the base color I used Kate by Julep. This is a nice white, its hard to find good white polishes which I am sure many of you already know. I really should do a comparison with the whites that I have... Anyways, for the red, I used Devious by Sinful Shine. There is two blues used. The glittery blue is Carly by Julep. This is probably my favorite blue glitter. Love this stuff!! The second blue is more holographic, its Wow-A-Doodle by Nail Nation. Her polishes are so awesome! The glitter on my ring finger is Light It Up by Julie G. And finally, the two stars on my pointer finger on my left hand, I used stars from Hollywood Walk Of Fame by Fergie by Wet n Wild. My original plan was to use stars like that throughout the whole many, but the polish, even though it was completely dry, suddenly was taking over the stars because of the glue I put down to hold the stars. So I ended up going with the gems.

I was going to do fireworks like my thumb on my left hand for the entire mani, from the get go, but when that took so long to do, I said forget it because it was already getting late. My brush that I was using was the wrong brush and was derpin it. lol My back was hurting so I was being too lazy to get up and get my other brush. haha

I wanted to change it up on my right hand cuz I wasn't really feeling the left hand. I keep thinking of Texas now for some reason though.

I decided to do my toes too and I think they look real cute! I mean my feed look gross, but I love this fuschia with these gems. I used Metallic Fuschia by Klean Colors. I know it doesn't go with my mani, but I just can't get over how gorgeous this fuschia is!

(Don't mind my dry skin and ugly toes. lol)

For the 4th, we're probably going to go swimming with our kids, then head down to the fireworks early and have a lil bbq with some of my family. This will be Elijah's first year going, so I am excited to see how he reacts. Zeke loves the fireworks! We didn't take Elijah last year because he was only 7 months old and it was like high 90's, super humid, and just miserable out. Saginaw's fireworks keep getting better, year after year. So I am excited to see how good they are this year!

What are some family traditions that you and your family have for Independence Day?

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday! Have a great week! xoLeah

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