Monday, July 29, 2013


Hi there!!

Today I would like to share with you an indie brand that is new to try for me! A few weeks ago Ellagee had a small little Friday special. She was offering 5 bottles of a special polish for 6$ - once and noon and once at 8 ( So 10 bottles total ). She does this every Friday. I did not know! I just happened to get so lucky and see a lady post in one of the polish groups I am - like 3 minutes before noon! It was a red holographic. I have never seen that before!! I HAD to have it! So happy so lucky I got it!! But that is not what I am going to show you today ;).

When I got my package she sent me an extra little one to review. HOW EXCITING!!! The packaging is so cute. The polishes came in a cute little lace bag with her business card and SMARTIES!!! Smarties are one of my favorite candies! I remember when I was kid eating them all the time with my Dad. They are his favorite too. :D

The color that I am going to show you is Harambe. Here is the description from the website! Harambe is from the World Of Laughter collection, inspired by Disney park attractions and characters. It is a cream base with red, orange, yellow, green, gold, and brown glitters. It's named for the Harambe Wildlife Reserve area in Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.

I won't lie. When I first seen it I did not know if I loved it because I just didn't know if it would look good on me! When I put it on. I was really pleasantly surprised!  I like that it's a cream base and not white. I also REALLY love the glitter colors! Honestly I was really surprised how much I really loved this color. I really liked the way it applied and the way it looked on my nails! It was very glittery which is how I like it! I don't like having to scrape and search for the glitters. It lasted for me pretty well too! Here it is with 3 coats!

 You can find ellagee on storenvy and facebook. Her polishes run about $9 each.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!!



  1. Thanks Panacea! I'm so glad you like it, it looks lovely on you <3


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