Monday, July 8, 2013


Hi there!

This blog is like my baby. I love so much writing here and picking nail polish to share with you. Showing you my nail art, and interacting with all of our readers! I never thought in my wildest dreams that this blog would make such an amazing impact in my life. I have met SO many amazing people, had some really amazing opportunities and discovered a lot of really cool things. Thank you all so much for reading and coming back to explore the polish world with us! It really means more than you will ever know! 

Leah and I have the most amazing opportunity that we were offered and we want to show you! Maria from NailNation made a special limited color and code for our blog! The code is POPPIN20 and is good on orders 25$ ( before shipping ). 'This color is limited so if you are interested you should pick is up asap. Also something really super awesome, Maria offered us another really super cool deal! She says 'Every bottle sold goes towards a FUN prize for Pancea and Leah as well as towards some for them to use as a giveaway later in the HOLIDAY shade I will make for them!!!!' Is that not like THE most friggin exciting thing in life?! I LOVE Holiday polish!!

Check this out! It is so amazing. Seriously trying so hard NOT to explode!

Here are the details!


This is as colorful and FUN as the page owners Pancea and Leah! It has two tones of soft holo sheer base with multi glitz in neons holos and soft sparkles! The Layers can go heavy or light its all up to YOU! shown here as two thin coats over 4 shades to show FUN FUN FUN! This shade is single pour very limited!!

You can watch a video here to see how this baby is in action!! I can't figure it out how to get the video to post here. You can find the color in her storenvy site, I think you can also message her on the NailNation facebook page. Don't forget about the coupon! POPPIN20 Maybe you can get another polish too then! ;D

Thank you so much for this opportunity Maria! It means so very much to us!

Pan & Leah


  1. I love this polish so so much! I went to purchase it but the $30.70 cost for posting two polishes to the UK is ludicrous :( such a shame.

    1. oh my goodness! That is a very lot of money for shipping!! My head is spinning!

  2. I'm so happy for you guys! This is an awesome polish and such an awesome thing to happen to you!


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