Thursday, March 13, 2014

Almost Famous

Hey guys!!

Today I am going to show you Almost Famous by Lilypad Lacquer. Its my very first one!!! It was a limited edition polish made originally for another blogger, Almost Famous, then shared with everyone! Its such a pretty purple and the holo is gorgeous, however I was a lil disappointed with the fact that you can only really see it in sunlight or bright light. The formula is great though too, nice brush and bottle. I really want to try some more though too. Its been holding up pretty well on my nails too. Had it on for a few days now and very very minimal chipping.

I am sorry that this post isn't longer, but I have been having a rough couple days and today I have a terrible headache. I promised on the facebook page that I would have my Tuesday post out today, so I am keeping my promise!

I do have some exciting news though to share. For my birthday, but a week earlier, I will be going to Chicago to visit Panacea!! We have a special post in store for you guys, should be coming out on my birthday which is April 11th, so be sure to check back for it then. Also don't forget to check out this months giveaway! Hope you guys have a great weekend! xoLeah

If you are interested in buying any Lilypad Lacquers you can do so by clicking HERE. Currently though her store is not open, so be sure to check back!

You can also purchase from Llarowe once she gets a restock.

I am not sure where else you can purchase from, but you can visit Nicole's facebook page for Lilypad Lacquer HERE.

And from here you can see the smudge on my pinky nail. I was having a bad day and didn't care to fix it. lol

I tried to get sunlight pics too, but its been so gloomy here.

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