Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy ( late ) Memorial Day!

Hi there :)

I hope that everyone had a great and safe Memorial Day weekend. Thank you so much to the men and women who fought and continue to fight for our Country and our Freedom!!! 

First I would like to say that I am so so so so so so SO sorry that I have been such a fail lately! This Month has seriously kicked my ass. It has been one thing after another after another. But that's usually how it goes huh? I didn't know if I really wanted to go into detail, I had talked to Leah about some of the things going on lately and I told her that I was thinking about doing a blog post and explaining everything that was going on... and she said she didn't think anyone would be upset or anything but eventually I decided against it.  Everyone has their own problems... Thank you for letting me work through my issues and understanding and still being a fan and checking our page and our blog.

I've not really had a lot of motivation to paint my nails this month and I haven't had a lot of time to do anything fun like I've been wanting to. I have a lot of ideas in my head but trying to get them out is not working in my favor!! In the last like 2 weeks I've probly sat at my computer for like 3 hours. Everything I've been doing on FB has been from my tablet or my phone. If you are friends with me on my personal fb page you probly have noticed that I've not even really posted much of anything lately! Which is really unlike me!

Anyways. On with the polish!!

 I did manage to do something kind of fun for Memorial Day. I had to work but we did get to close a little early, which was AWESOME!!!!  As I was putting on my gloves to start work all the ladies saw my nails and they thought they were so cool!! At first I really didn't like how it looked but as I looked at it more I realized I really did like it for how easy it was!

I used Zoya Breezi and Zoya Gia ( My first Zoya ever!!!) to alternate for the red and the blue.

 I used Julep Hermione white crackle on top...  I got this in one of the last gift box things that Julep had...  I waited like a half hour to put it on and it still smeared some of the red, which was a little disappointing. I did end up really liking how this turned out though.

 Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my Memorial Day nails.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mood Swings

Lately I have been actually feeling a lil mood swingy, so this manicure fits perfect. lol

This stuff is so awesome. Like seriously, I can't stop playing with it when I wash my hands! Superficially Colorful had her one year blogiversary about 2ish months ago and I WON!!! Omg you have no idea how excited I was. It was the 3rd giveaway I've ever won and by far the biggest prize!! I had actually forgot that I even entered it until she messaged me to tell me that I won. She had a rafflecopter entry, and then you could earn extra entries by doing her nail art challenge. I had so much fun doing it! 

The way this stuff works is you apply it and it changes with temperature. When I first put it on, its one color. As it dries, it turned another color. Then I was having fun playing in the water with it! Here are some pics of ways I tested it out!

                          (Cold water without flash)                                 (Warm water without flash)

                          (Cold water with flash)                                          (Warm water with flash)

(Half dipped in cold water with flash)

Isn't this stuff just so cool? I think this is probably the most interesting nail polish that I own! I am just so excited about it! 

When I first put it on, I wasn't sure if I wanted to put on a top coat or not because I wasn't sure if it would work or not still. So after I took a bunch of pics I decided to put it on. Sure enough, still works perfectly! I am not sure however if its the top coat I used or the polish itself, but its already chipping away and i've only had it on a few hours. I have been doing lots of stuff that probably didn't help it any, but its the first time using this top coat, so I am just not sure. I am using the top coat by Fresh Paint. I got it at 5 Below. I love that store. 

Anyways, the names of the colors are fun too. They go right along with the name of the collection, of course. On my thumb is 'Giggly,' pointer is 'Impulsive,' middle is 'Fascinated,' ring finger is 'Daring,' and pinky is 'Provocative.' Aren't those fun names!

I noticed that all of the polishes went on differently. Giggly seemed sort of thick and slightly sticky, where Provocative was on the runny side and took a few coats to get it thick enough. They're all still awesome though! Even my husband and kids were impressed. My 3 year old kept asking to see my nails in the water!

You can find Superficially Colorful's facebook page by clicking the link HERE!
You can find her blog by clicking the link HERE!

Ok, well I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it made up for my lack of a post last week! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day and that you all continue to have a fantastic week! xo Leah

PS. I messaged Jin to ask her about info for purchasing if its available and I haven't received a reply yet. I will update the post with info as I receive it!

**UPDATE** She responded. Her polishes aren't currently available for purchase because she has limited access to base. If someone like absolutely has to have these, let me know, she said she might be able to work out a few.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Roguish Red & Black Stripes

Hi there :)

So sorry this is late!!

The other day when the weather was finally starting to get nice, on the way to and from taking Hubby to work I saw like at least 10 Dodge Chargers or Challengers ( I am honestly not sure what type of car it was just one of those ) They were all this Tomato soup red color with black stripes. I saw 1 or 2 others with white stripes... I liked the black stripes better.

My mani today is inspired by those pretty cars !!

I seriously love this red color. I was wanting to use it after The Presidential Fundraiser or the Inauguration when Beyonce wore that really pretty red dress. It's so bad that I don't even know what event it was. I just remember seeing it..

After I put the stripes on, I realized that I didn't really like it. I might have maybe just put it on like my middle finger instead of every finger. I think that would have looked much nicer than how it turned out. The lines really sucked which kind of frustrated me but its ok! I used Wet n Wild Black Crémé for the stripes.

The stripes looked much better on the car, but I had fun doing this.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Friday, May 17, 2013

May Multiblogger Giveaway!

Hello ladies!! Just wanted to share on the blog real quick this awesome giveaway that we're in on. I was having email/phone issues however so our prize pic isn't shown in the collage, but I will share what we are giving away as our prize here! 

We are so excited that we were given to the opportunity to participate, cuz like I said we almost missed out with my phone/email issues. So we hope everyone has fun participating and good luck to everyone! Make sure you check out all the blogs/shops etc., cuz there are some really good ones!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is being hosted by Lacquer: The Best Medicine

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hearts and Polka Dots

Hey ladies!! Quick post again...

I am really just so into shiny, sparkly, glittery, metallicy nail polish! lol I have this bracelet that my mom bought me, and I wanted to do something fancy that went with the bracelet. Something to stand out with the sparkle of the diamonds in it. Used this pretty pearl white from Pure Ice called Platinum! Isn't it amazing?? I also wanted to add some more bling with the new gems I got to match the heart on the bracelet!

After doing that, I thought they looked too plain. I had also gotten some new dotting tools, so I used a color that I think it just so gorgeous, its a rosey, metallic pink by Sinful Colors called Dancing Nails. I decided polkda dots would be cute! It was real simple and fast to do. Well putting the gems on took some time, but I only had to do it on my thumbs, so it wasn't too bad! I love how long it all stayed on too!

Hope that you enjoyed this short post! Have a great week!! xoLeah

Monday, May 13, 2013

Metallic Aqua and Caught on Sapphire

Hi there :)

I was looking through my polish trying to decide which one I wanted to wear and I remembered that I said that I would show you the KleanColor Metallic's with the Wet n Wild Hot Rocks.

I really love both of these sets and together they pair together awesome. At first I didn't know which one I wanted to do, when I picked up the blue I decided I wanted to go with that. It's actually not blue, its aqua.

I chose Metallic Aqua. In some lights its blue and in some lights its aqua. I really like the way this looks on my nails. I think darker colors always make my fingers look slimmer and my nails look longer. Winning!

Pretty much as soon as the aqua touched any part of me that was not nail, there was no removing the stain. :(

I used Caught on Sapphire to pair with the aqua. They blended together very well. You almost can't even tell without looking close or if you look in the light.

Here is a picture in the sun, even after a day in gloves.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy !


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Julep Lauren and Jamberry nail stickers

Hi there :)

Back in like March- Heather from Revolution Jams messaged us and asked if we were interested in trying out Jamberry nail stickers. Leah at the time was working with another Jamberry Consultant so she asked me if I would be interested. I've never tried nail stickers before so I said sure!

 She sent them to me so fast. I feel like a big jerk because I honestly set them on my nail shelf and forgot about them  ( I'm sorry! Please don't hate me! ) .The other day I was looking at my nail polish trying to get them into some order because its become kind of spattered and really annoyingly messy, and I found them.

I feel like I'm always late to try the new nail trends! I'm really weird about trying new things. I always see them on everyone else and I like that's cool but I don't think it's for me. But seriously, these are so convenient and awesome for me!!!! They are perfect for people who love pretty nails and are terrible at time management.

 Like I said before, I've never used nail stickers before. Last night when I went to put them on I had no idea how to use them. I had to google and I was a little overwhelmed. I was talking to Leah on Facebook chat and I was like 'omg bb these look really hard! I really hope I don't mess them up!' She was telling me how easy they are are I was a little skeptical... No, for real. They were so easy! Wham Bam. You really could put these on in your car! They are supposed to last for 10 days on your nails. I was really curious how they would be in my gloves. That to me is like the real test. They lasted all day!!!  No peeling or anything! There are tons and tons of options to choose from, and to top that off they have a new option that you can create your own design!! Leah and I were both pretty excited about that. They also have stickers for your toes. I LOOOOOVE THAT! I hate hate hate hate hate HATE painting my toe nails!

I actually got some nail stickers from my April adopt a friend so I'm pretty excited!  I will definitely be using more of these stickers.

 As soon as I saw the stickers I knew what color I wanted to paint the nails that I didn't have stickers for. I chose Julep- Lauren which is a nice, bright, pink. It's not a hot pink but it's definitely nice and bright.  I got this color from my March adopt a friend. They go perfect together. I was very happy that my idea worked out. :D I did two thick coats. I wish I didn't do the coats so thick just because it took forever to dry and I did end up smudging it later in the evening. Boo.

 I really really love how these looked! I showed a girl at work and she thought they were so cool too. She has tried nail stickers before but never heard of Jamberry so I told her more about them... If you are interested in trying Jamberry nail stickers and are looking for a consultant, check out Revolution Jams! There is seriously a designs for everyone! She also has facebook parties, so if you want to have a party and receive the benefits of having a party but don't have the time to have a party or your friends live all over the place or even just don't feel like all the prep to have the party.... This is perfect!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

World Ovarian Cancer Day

Hi there :)

A fan (an Ovarian cancer survivor for 10 years!) posted on our facebook page about World Ovarian Cancer Day. A day dedicated to creating and raising awareness about Ovarian Cancer.

 If you are a woman, I highly recommend you check out the Facts.. I made this little picture but you can check the site also. That is where I got all the information .

The color for Ovarian Cancer awareness is teal. I chose Wet n Wild Fergie - Miami Spirit. Its a very pretty dark teal with green and blue shimmers. Here it is with two thick coats. 

I decided to do some dots with Klean Color Neon Purple & Flower I lavendare you!. I also did an accent nail with Klean Color Chunky Holo Teal.

I totally smudged my thumb while I was trying to paint my left hand. I tried to fix it but I guess you can really notice it on the camera. You can barely see it in real life. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy. Please always take care of yourself and check yourself!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Duri rejuvacote & Nefertiti's Crown PT. 2

Hi there :)

 Sorry my posting has been sparse lately, missing my last Thursday post,  AND being late on my Monday post.  I've been ridiculously busy. I haven't even had time to paint my nails until last night!

Thanks for coming back to see how my nails are doing after 7 days with rejuvacote & how the nail polish held up!

You guys... For 9 days this polish was on my nails and never once did I want to stop looking at it! Even after all those day's I still didn't want to take it off!

I started the treatment on April 25th but didn't get to take it off until May 3rd so I continued it as a top coat until I could take it off. I showed off my nails like everyday. The ladies at my work all loved the color and were amazed how well it lasted. When I showed my one co worker, Gina, my nails on the 3rd she could not even believe it. She was like no way. I have told you before how long nailnation last's for me. Let me tell you. These two polishes together are unstoppable. If you haven't checked out NailNation, I highly recommend you do! You're missing out! Have you tried Duri Rejuvacote? If you have how did you like it ? I'd like to see your before and after photos!

Here are a couple picture's of how the nail polish held up for 9 days. 5 days of work in gloves, and 9 days cleaning the house and everyday wear and tear. You really won't believe it. You can even see where my nails grew out!! :DDDD

It was gloomy and rainy for 3 day's straight. I was really hoping to get some sun light photo's.

                                                  Pretty amazing right?

Here is a photo of my nails without polish, but with a coat of rejuvacote just because I didn't want them to be bare. I didn't file them or anything. My nails are still kind of peeley up on the top, but not as bad. I think they will continue to peel until I am done having my hands in gloves all day. I am really happy with my nails right now. They are so pretty. :D They seriously need to be filed and shaped in these photo's.

 Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!