Thursday, May 9, 2013

Julep Lauren and Jamberry nail stickers

Hi there :)

Back in like March- Heather from Revolution Jams messaged us and asked if we were interested in trying out Jamberry nail stickers. Leah at the time was working with another Jamberry Consultant so she asked me if I would be interested. I've never tried nail stickers before so I said sure!

 She sent them to me so fast. I feel like a big jerk because I honestly set them on my nail shelf and forgot about them  ( I'm sorry! Please don't hate me! ) .The other day I was looking at my nail polish trying to get them into some order because its become kind of spattered and really annoyingly messy, and I found them.

I feel like I'm always late to try the new nail trends! I'm really weird about trying new things. I always see them on everyone else and I like that's cool but I don't think it's for me. But seriously, these are so convenient and awesome for me!!!! They are perfect for people who love pretty nails and are terrible at time management.

 Like I said before, I've never used nail stickers before. Last night when I went to put them on I had no idea how to use them. I had to google and I was a little overwhelmed. I was talking to Leah on Facebook chat and I was like 'omg bb these look really hard! I really hope I don't mess them up!' She was telling me how easy they are are I was a little skeptical... No, for real. They were so easy! Wham Bam. You really could put these on in your car! They are supposed to last for 10 days on your nails. I was really curious how they would be in my gloves. That to me is like the real test. They lasted all day!!!  No peeling or anything! There are tons and tons of options to choose from, and to top that off they have a new option that you can create your own design!! Leah and I were both pretty excited about that. They also have stickers for your toes. I LOOOOOVE THAT! I hate hate hate hate hate HATE painting my toe nails!

I actually got some nail stickers from my April adopt a friend so I'm pretty excited!  I will definitely be using more of these stickers.

 As soon as I saw the stickers I knew what color I wanted to paint the nails that I didn't have stickers for. I chose Julep- Lauren which is a nice, bright, pink. It's not a hot pink but it's definitely nice and bright.  I got this color from my March adopt a friend. They go perfect together. I was very happy that my idea worked out. :D I did two thick coats. I wish I didn't do the coats so thick just because it took forever to dry and I did end up smudging it later in the evening. Boo.

 I really really love how these looked! I showed a girl at work and she thought they were so cool too. She has tried nail stickers before but never heard of Jamberry so I told her more about them... If you are interested in trying Jamberry nail stickers and are looking for a consultant, check out Revolution Jams! There is seriously a designs for everyone! She also has facebook parties, so if you want to have a party and receive the benefits of having a party but don't have the time to have a party or your friends live all over the place or even just don't feel like all the prep to have the party.... This is perfect!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!



  1. What a sweet review! Heather is amazing at customer service, too!

  2. Thank you! She really is! I couldn't believe how fast that she had sent them.

  3. Hello from sunny south ALABAMA;
    I have used stickers and decals for many moons and I could not do without them.So very many designs and creations to make.
    May I mention that there are :stickers" and there are "water decals". Stickers are thicker with adhesive on the back.I find them useful in a pinch; but not great for long wear.Water decals are ultra thin,loosed from the backing by slight soak in water and once decal is loose;slide onto nail; position dab dry with tissue and top coat.My first choice for easy embellishment that lasts; even in gloves .
    I'm jus sayyyyin.

    love the blog! huggers

  4. PS:
    If you get a spare minute I invite you to check out my blog; it's not as together as yours but i'm tryyyyyinnnnn LOL



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