Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Roguish Red & Black Stripes

Hi there :)

So sorry this is late!!

The other day when the weather was finally starting to get nice, on the way to and from taking Hubby to work I saw like at least 10 Dodge Chargers or Challengers ( I am honestly not sure what type of car it was just one of those ) They were all this Tomato soup red color with black stripes. I saw 1 or 2 others with white stripes... I liked the black stripes better.

My mani today is inspired by those pretty cars !!

I seriously love this red color. I was wanting to use it after The Presidential Fundraiser or the Inauguration when Beyonce wore that really pretty red dress. It's so bad that I don't even know what event it was. I just remember seeing it..

After I put the stripes on, I realized that I didn't really like it. I might have maybe just put it on like my middle finger instead of every finger. I think that would have looked much nicer than how it turned out. The lines really sucked which kind of frustrated me but its ok! I used Wet n Wild Black Crémé for the stripes.

The stripes looked much better on the car, but I had fun doing this.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!



  1. Hey there!! I love to paint my nails and I love that you guys use anti-cruelty polishes. I am caring a high risk pregnancy and I was alarmed by something I recently found on one of my polishes the other day. It was a label stating that the polish contained one or more ingedients that was known to cause birth defects. I did a little research and learned that this is relatively normal. I am so sad now that my nails will likely be naked now for the foreseeable future as it is advised against polishing during breast feeding as well. This all made me think of you guys. You seem to know your stuff when it comes to polish and I was wondering if you all knew any that were safe to use during pregnancy? I hope you can help, and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Jessi! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Most vegan brand polish I would imagine would be safe... But, I can really only recommend Zoya as a 100% pregnancy safe nail polish because It even states it on their website. They sell zoya at Ulta or online. I also have a bit of zoya's you could use :D. Here is an article I just found too that you might be able to use! http://www.inhabitots.com/7-safer-nail-polishes-to-use-during-pregnancy/zoya-nail-polish/

  3. Thank you so much...sorry it took me so long to respond!


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