Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Duri rejuvacote & Nefertiti's Crown PT. 2

Hi there :)

 Sorry my posting has been sparse lately, missing my last Thursday post,  AND being late on my Monday post.  I've been ridiculously busy. I haven't even had time to paint my nails until last night!

Thanks for coming back to see how my nails are doing after 7 days with rejuvacote & how the nail polish held up!

You guys... For 9 days this polish was on my nails and never once did I want to stop looking at it! Even after all those day's I still didn't want to take it off!

I started the treatment on April 25th but didn't get to take it off until May 3rd so I continued it as a top coat until I could take it off. I showed off my nails like everyday. The ladies at my work all loved the color and were amazed how well it lasted. When I showed my one co worker, Gina, my nails on the 3rd she could not even believe it. She was like no way. I have told you before how long nailnation last's for me. Let me tell you. These two polishes together are unstoppable. If you haven't checked out NailNation, I highly recommend you do! You're missing out! Have you tried Duri Rejuvacote? If you have how did you like it ? I'd like to see your before and after photos!

Here are a couple picture's of how the nail polish held up for 9 days. 5 days of work in gloves, and 9 days cleaning the house and everyday wear and tear. You really won't believe it. You can even see where my nails grew out!! :DDDD

It was gloomy and rainy for 3 day's straight. I was really hoping to get some sun light photo's.

                                                  Pretty amazing right?

Here is a photo of my nails without polish, but with a coat of rejuvacote just because I didn't want them to be bare. I didn't file them or anything. My nails are still kind of peeley up on the top, but not as bad. I think they will continue to peel until I am done having my hands in gloves all day. I am really happy with my nails right now. They are so pretty. :D They seriously need to be filed and shaped in these photo's.

 Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!



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    1. Thanks bb! I am so loving this stuff !

  2. Your nails are coming along great huh? Just hold on they will grow faster than you can imagine; but the trick to being patient is forget them! Keep busy and stay away from discussing or looking at your nails;(other than to massage and nourish them at night.)

    Before ya know it.....ta-daaaaaaaa

    PS: I hear that "Tip Top Nails" has a magnificent product for nail care; very good reviews on it.

    from sunny south ALABAMA.....Deborah

    1. I love it! I can't wait to start my new job and not have my hands in gloves all day


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