Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jamberry Nail Stickers

Hey guys!!

So I did these days like a month ago, but when I first e-mailed Jamberry Nails to find out if they were cruelty free and all that, they didn't respond. Normally when places don't respond, I usually just assume. I decided I should give it a second shot though because I loved these! They finally responded and told me that they are in fact cruelty free!!

Knowing about my love for all things nail related, a friend of mine from high school sent me a message on facebook telling me about a woman from a local yard sale group that was giving away old samples of Jamberry Nails. I decided to check them out, I mean why not? Who doesn't love free samples?

Finally got my sample and decided to try them right away. They came on a small sheet with only 4 strips, so I didn't know how I was going to make this work as a full manicure. I had forgotten to take a pic before I started, so I took one with the section I had left.

As you can tell, I used both sides of the strips to make them work on both hands. As for my final nail that I didn't have a sticker for, I could have probably used some of the excess sticker, but I decided to do a matching nail polish.

I didn't really know how to put them on, so I checked out the facebook page of the woman who sent me the sample, Tanya. She had shared a video she found on youtube of a fellow Jamberry Nails consultant demonstrating how to properly put them on. I am not going to lie though, I did try to cut corners and thought it would work better, it didn't. I wish I would have done them exactly how the tutorial mentioned. They still turned out decently, I loved them, they just were jagged and kept getting hooked on stuff!

Alright, well I just tried to look for the nail color I used on my thumb and I cannot for the life of me find it. So I gave up, but I am pretty sure its Sinful Colors. The glitter on top of it is Sephora by OPI: Flurry Up. 

These nails were really fun and they looked super cute! They're a perfect idea for moms too. I loved that I could do them even with my kids running around. They were asking me for stuff while I was doing them and I was able to stop what I was doing and get them whatever they needed without having to wait for nails to dry! They stayed on for a really long time, so long that I was getting sick of them and peeled them off cuz I wanted to paint my nails again. I think I picked them off at the 2 week mark or somewhere close to it. I also believe there was a video on how to remove them, but I am a picker, so they got picked off. lol

Here you can go to Tanya's website and order some stickers or you can just go to Jamberry Nails and find a consultant in your area and get your own samples and have a party!! Omg I forgot to mention, this is a home party type of thing. I know Sallys, Sephora, etc have these nails stickers, but I think these would be much funner to do with your friends and stuff at a home party!! I haven't had one yet, but now that I know they're cruelty free, I am totally down!

I apologize for the sloppiness! Ok, well I think I pretty much covered everything I wanted to tell you guys about it. I hope that you enjoyed my post!!!                        xoxo Leah

P.S. Here is a link to the tutorial video on how to apply the nails. I checked Tanya's facebook page and the video she posted is no longer available. 

Also, here is a link to Tanya's facebook page!


  1. These nail stickers look pretty I like the designs and the colors are perfect for spring.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Sorry I didn't see this earlier Leslie... But thank you, I like them too! I thought they were super cute!


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