Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Halloween inspired post

Alright, well Halloween is coming quickly! I wanted to do another Halloween inspired nail post before Halloween actually gets here, but last night I got the WORST headache ever. So I started doing individual designs on my nails and then just gave up. I still like how they turned out, they're just sloppy, but I hope everyone enjoys them anyways!

Started off by putting on 2 coats of Wet n Wild: Fast Dry in Orange (Orange is all they could come up with for a name? lol). I am not really into orange polish, but I needed some for Halloween, so I bought it. I ended up LOVING it!! It has just the right amount of sparkle in it and its the perfect shade!

Then I was starting to do a different design on each nail, but like I said, the headache pretty much took over and I wasn't feeling like doing anything. So instead of starting over on the two nails I started, I just did something else on the rest and kept the two random nails. lol

 Since my headache was so bad, I didn't do the spiderweb and pumpkin nail on the other hand, I just stuck with the green, black, and orange on the other hand.

Here are the other two colors used. Wet n Wild: Fast Dry in Ebony Hates Chris. The green is Sinful Colors in Innocent. All the green and black was free hand. I really need to get some good tape and patience. I tried to do some stripes on my nails before with scotch tape and it turned out terrible. lol I didn't let the base color dry long enough and the scotch tape peeled off half the paint. Some things are fairly easy to do free hand, you just need the right brushes! I almost forgot to mention, I finished off with a clear coat of Super Dry by Diamond Cosmetics.  Forgot to take a pic, so I just googled it.

Sorry that this post was so short, but I hope that you enjoyed it! Please feel free to share your Halloween designs with us!

                                                                              Happy Halloween!!
                                                                                               xo Leah


  1. The orange is 9021 Orange, like 90210 the tv show.

    1. Wow, you are right! I didn't even realize because I was just thinking it was part of the number for it!! Thank you for pointing that out! :D


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